So How Does This Work?

Link up with Calenzen and all your appointments will instantly click-to-dial. No need to use a special app or change email programs. Compatible with every app you use today. See why many of your customers, prospects, and colleagues already love us!

And so it begins

Everything starts when a new appointment sails across your inbox and lands on your calendar. You didn't ask for the meeting and you certainly didn't create the invitation. Nonetheless, someone now owns another thirty minutes of your time.

We're on your side

Since you have a Calenzen account, we'll take it from here. No need to tell us about the meeting, install an app on your phone, or use a certain calendar. We're automatically notified and ready to get to work any time of the day or night.

Conference calls are tagged

Meetings with a dial-in conference bridge or screen sharing are tagged for further analysis, while in-person appointments are left untouched.

Skip past productivity killing clutter

Using a set of crowdsourced informed algorithms, Calenzen magically extracts phone numbers, bridge codes, and screen-sharing URLs from even the messiest meeting invitation.

If you're using one of our premier conferencing partners - including Cisco WebEx, Goto Meeting, Zoom, Skype, or BlueJeans - your missing data is automatically filled in.

Then join your meeting instantly

That confusing meeting request is transformed within seconds. Your modified calendar entry now includes touch-to-dial and other important information consistently organized regardless of whose conference you're joining or which calendar you use.


Getting started literally takes one step. No app to download. Compatible with every major mobile calendar. See why many of your colleagues already love us!