December 2019 Release Notes

We’ve been busy!  Here’s a snapshot of some of the new features we’ve recently added to the Calenzen platform.


BlueJeans Meetings with Participant Passcodes

BlueJeans meetings with a participant passcode are now detected and properly incorporated into tokenization.

We look for URLs with the passcode embedded and extract out the meeting ID and the passcode: → meeting ID is 1234567890 and passcode is 1234

These are tokenized to the following in processed meetings:


Multiple Users on a Single Paying Account

A single account can not support multiple paying users.  With this change you can buy Calenzen for the entire team for all of 2020.


Improved Generic Conference Detection

Our fallback tokenizer detects non-vendor specific conferences using our Generic processing engine.

This started out as a rather naive implementation that looks for text resembling a phone number along with additional number groupings that following on the same line.

With our latest update this has been improved to scan for bridge numbers followed by meeting IDs across multiple lines.

At present we detect the following scenarios:

Single Line
Capture meeting IDs containing multiple numbers if found after a valid US phone number.

888-555-1212  [any text]  12345678

Multi-line Folded
Fold subsequent lines that begin with leading spaces and scan for meeting IDs therein.

  [leading spaces] [any text]  12345678

Multi-line Keyword
Capture meeting IDs from subsequent lines if they include keywords like “pin” or “ID”.

[any text] (pin or id keywords)  12345678

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