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Finally, instant click-to-dial on your mobile.

Experience Calenzen Optimized Webex

Compare the same appointment with Webex provided boilerplate to one that's been tokenized by the Calenzen optimization engine.

See how the information you need jumps out at you, whether you're on your laptop or a phone? With Calenzen you instantly access what you need to conect.

Ordinary meeting invitation


Join meeting in my WebEx Personal Room
https://customer.webex.com/join/jsmith   |   807 856 809

Join by phone
651-605-4888 US Toll 1
800-916-2280 US and Canada Toll Free 1
Access code: 807 856 809

Global call-in numbers
Imagine finding the connection details you need mixed amongst your host's actual agenda and this boilerplate text (and the dozen lines we've already removed). How will you memorize that 10 digit meeting number so you can join the conference after dialing in?
Calenzen magic invitation ✨✨


━━┫calenzen optimized 📆┣━━
Join by web: https://customer.webex.com/join/jsmith
Click to dial: 651-605-4888,807-856-809#

Manual dial 651-605-4888 then enter code 807-856-809#

━━━━━━━    ━━━━━━━    ━━    ━━━━━━━    ━━━    ━━━━ ━━━━━━━    ━━━━━━━    ━━    ━━━━━━━    ━━━    ━━━━
Calenzen surfaces what you need to join your meeting - even adding in missing information such as a bridge number or incorrect meeting ID. While click-to-dial should always work, we also format numbers into sensible groupings for easy manual dialing.

Take a tour and see how Calenzen identifies and optimizes appointments directly in your calendar.

Learn How Calenzen Works

The Details

Cisco Webex meetings referenced in Calenzen are now fully supported with a deep Level 3 integration.

Guarantee click-to-dial functionality when a Webex meeting URL is referenced anywhere within the location, subject, or description of a meeting invitation sent to your calendar. With the Level 3 integration Calenzen is able to validate other information provided in the meeting invitation, such as the dial-in phone number, and automatically fix it without any work from you.

Supported configurations:

  • Personal meeting rooms (e.g. https://customer.webex.com/join/jsmith or https://customer.my.webex.com/meet/jsmith)
  • Scheduled meetings (e.g. https://customer.webex.com/j.php?MTID=..)

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