BlueJeans Meetings Click-to-dial



BlueJeans meetings referenced in Calenzen are now fully supported with a deep Level 3 integration.

Guarantee click-to-dial functionality when a BlueJeans meeting URL is referenced anywhere within the location, subject, or description of a meeting invitation sent to your calendar.  With the Level 3 integration Calenzen is able to validate other information provided in the meeting invitation, such as the dial-in phone number, and automatically fix it without any work from you.

The Calenzen Difference

Fix the broken BlueJeans meetings in your calendar.  With Calenzen you can always click-to-dial and instantly join conferences directly from the mobile calendar app you currently use.  Calenzen modifies the appointments you’re invited to and adds direct access details directly to the top of your meetings.


Integration Caveats

While the BlueJeans integration has completed rigorous testing there are some know scenarios where Calenzen may be unable to validate meetings.  Be aware of the following known caveats:

  • BlueJeans Primetime meetings are not yet supported
  • Non-United States dial-in numbers are not yet supported

If any of the above occur then Calenzen will not flag your appointment as being a BlueJeans conference and no changes will be made to your meeting.


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