Google Calendar Events on iPhone Apple Calendar – One-Touch Dial

About Google Calendar

Google’s G Suite Google Calendar hosts calendar events and appointments.


About Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is available as an app on MacOS, iPad, and iPhone.  It can serve as the front-end to display and interact with Google Calendar hosted events.


Observed Behavior

This software combination behaves very unexpectedly.  Why their compatibility is at its current state can’t be due to few people using it – this is the most common combination in the country.  My theory on their behavior is rooted in the current animosity between the two companies.

Here’s a run-down:

  • Prior to their 2019 update, Google Calendar didn’t support HTML (although there is some interesting nuance to this for anyone who performs integrations with them).
  • As of now Google Calendar events come in two forms – 100% HTML or 100% plain-text.  If any part of an appointment has HTML – event something as simple as a link – then all newline whitespace in the appointment is replaced with HTML <br> tags
  • Apple Calendar assumes Google still does 100% plain-text.  This means your HTML appointment will look like garbage in Apple Calendar
  • Word of warning – if your Google appointment starts and plain-text and it has a URL in it, then just the act of you editing and re-saving the appointment will cause Google to reformat this into HTML and therefore Apple Calendar to display raw HTML.

Plain-text appointments display good behavior. The content is displayed as intended, and Apple Calendar has recognized a URL and a phone number.

The moment we open the invitation within Google and make a change, then everything breaks. Google reformats the invite as HTML, but Apple Calendar expects everything to continue as plain-text.


Click-to-Dial Compatibility at a Glance

Click-to-dial is very finicky with this combination.  For starters, we cannot use any HTML to force a more inclusive link (e.g. phone number + meeting ID).  Additionally, the following elements break click-to-dial:

  • More than one # symbol
  • Dash (-) symbols in the meeting ID

The following numbers WILL click-to-dial:


The following numbers WILL NOT click-to-dial:


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