Logo Design for Impact

The Making of a Logo While I’ve been known to pick up and start a lot of new projects, only a rare handful are for public consumption and reach maturity. These select ideas, the ones I’ve spent so much time and resources bringing to market, need a unique identity. Logos are big part of that… read more

Calenzen Showcasing at Minnedemo31

Hello Minnedemo31 Don’t blink, because Calenzen will be showcased in next month’s Minnedemo.  Over 800 of the best and brightest among Minnesota’s tech community will be in attendance during the semi-annual event put on bzy Minnestar.  Attendees, many of whom will see Calenzen for the first time, have just seven minutes to see how we… read more

From Project Lima to Calenzen – The Story of a Name

Naming Things is Hard I start a lot of projects, and while some I actually “finish”, the majority get dropped. Why not finish them all? Typically after a few hours of due diligence, I find a market I don’t want to compete in, a market that doesn’t (or won’t exist), or find the technical solution… read more

About Me

I’m Keith Resar and this is the beginning of a journey that is more public (or published at least) than I would typically take when developing something new. That said, the adage that ideas are nothing and execution is everything really is true, so I’m glad you’re going to be a part of this. I’m… read more

What’s the problem with dialing-in to meetings?

There’s too much friction dialing into meetings The meetings on my calendar are such a mess. While my work week isn’t entirely consumed by worthless meetings, the ones I do have just make it too difficult to participate. Meetings are always a chore, obviously. But that pain every time I try to dial into a… read more