Conference Call Nirvana

Calenzen fixes the meetings you're invited to.

  • No misdialing bridge numbers
  • No missing ids or urls
  • No broken mobile click-to-dial

Not everyone you work with knows how awful it is to dial into the meetings they host.

We fix the invitations you recieve no matter who sent it or what conferencing provider they use.

Instant Activation with Universal Mobile Support

Getting started literally takes one step. No app to download. Compatible with every major mobile calendar. See why many of your colleagues already love us!

Every Provider
Every Phone
Your Existing Calendar App Every Calendar
G Suite
Office 365
Google Calendar
Apple Calendar
and more

Number Formatting,
For Humans

Manual dialing gets easier too. Calenzen consistently formats all phone numbers and conference codes with the spaces, parenthesis, and hyphens you need to skip the misdial.

What your colleagues would do - if they were actually courteous.

Not everyone you work with knows how awful it is to dial into the meetings they host. Just as not every conference company includes functional click-to-dial and easily readable boilerplate. Let Calenzen fix it for you.

Easy to Find

Dial-in and web conference links are always visible at the top of your appointment with pixel perfect formatting.


Number Formatting

Every space, hyphen, and parenthesis in place so you can instantly read important numbers.


Perfect Auto-dial

Click to dial compatible with every type of mobile device delivers single press direct dial-in and join to your conference.


The Timely Reminder

Cut through the clutter with a direct dial reminder via email or SMS moments before your meeting starts.

What's Wrong with Most Meeting Invites?

You've fought connecting into so many awful meetings. How many of these did you struggle through just this week?


  • Are you compatible with my work email?

    At this time we fully support 95% of all work mail and calendar systems, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and traditional Microsoft Exchange solutions.

  • How much does it cost?

    We offer a number of plan options, see more at our pricing page.

  • Do I need to use a certain calendar or email program?

    We work directly with your calendar and therefore require zero software on your laptop or phone. Calenzen modifies your actual appointment and changes are immediately visible across all your devices.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes, you can leave Calenzen at any time.

Meet a Few of Our First Customers

They joined our early access program and were the first to bring calm to their meetings wtth Calenzen.

Teddy Wilson Daniel Taylor Harry Jones Jessica Brown Jason Saunders Mitt Owen Beatrix Walker Eliot Morgan Ella Davis
  • 17 early access customers
  • 1632 appointments scanned
  • 1142 meetings optimized
  • 2094 hours saved from dialing frustration

What is your frustration?

I'm sitting at my desk and open the invite to dial into my meeting and see a wall of numbers. No spaces, no hyphens. What did I do to deserve this?

Agatha Ford

7,832 days until retirement

So my call starts while I'm on the road but of course I can't just click to dial from the meeting invite so I start doing that thing where you switch between the dialer and the calendar to get a few numbers at a time and then... the call times out and hangs up.

Dave Hamilton

Driving down the road

The calendar invite is 3 pages of boilerplate and near as I can tell there is no US dial-in number which hardly even matters since there are like 3 conflicting dial-in codes.

Harry Walker

Worse than double vision

My Google calendar reminder opens up and I try to click the phone number but there's a URL in there too so for some reason the whole thing opens up in Google maps and I'm getting directions to some lat/long. This is awful.

Rebecca Fox

Never navigating again

Are you ready to bring calm back to meetings?

Get access to Calenzen today and instantly join your next conference call.