Conference Call Nirvana

Calenzen fixes the meetings you're invited to.

  • No misdialing bridge numbers
  • No missing ids or urls
  • No broken mobile click-to-dial

Not everyone you work with knows how awful it is to dial into the meetings they host.

We fix the invitations you receive no matter who sent it or what conferencing provider they use.

Calenzen optimized appointment on Google Calendar for Android.

Click-to-Dial That Always Works - What a Concept!

Every calendar app requires its own unique click-to-dial formula, which forces frustrating and dangerous (while driving) manual dialing.

We automatically insert the perfect link so you can instantly join your next conference call.

(the secret to making this work is how we tune the link specifically for your unique phone, email-provider, and calendar app combo)

Formatting For Humans

Manual dialing gets easier too.

Calenzen consistently formats all phone numbers and conference codes with the spaces, parenthesis, and hyphens you need to skip the misdial.

Calenzen optimized appointment on Google Calendar for iPhone.
Calenzen optimized appointment on Apple Calendar for iPhone.

Nothing Can Stop You -
Not Even Wrong Numbers

Join your meeting on time - even when you didn't get the right phone number!

If you're using one of our premier conferencing partners - including Cisco WebEx, Goto Meeting, Zoom, Skype, or BlueJeans - your missing data is automatically filled in.

Instant Activation with Universal Mobile Support

Getting started literally takes one step. No app to download. Compatible with every major mobile calendar. See why many of your colleagues already love us!

Every Provider

Every Phone

Your Existing Calendar App Every Calendar

G Suite
Office 365
Google Calendar
Apple Calendar
and more

What's Wrong with Most Meeting Invites?

You've fought connecting into so many awful meetings. How many of these did you struggle through just this week?


  • Are you compatible with my work email?

    At this time we fully support 95% of all work mail and calendar systems, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and traditional Microsoft Exchange solutions.

  • How much does it cost?

    We offer a number of plan options, see more at our pricing page.

  • Do I need to use a certain calendar or email program?

    We work directly with your calendar and therefore require zero software on your laptop or phone. Calenzen modifies your actual appointment and changes are immediately visible across all your devices.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes, you can leave Calenzen at any time.